Lubricant Supply

Oils & Lubricants

As an authorized Phillips 66 distributor, Chancellor, Inc. provides the best quality products on the market at a great price to the customer. From logging to aviation to the oil industry, Chancellor, Inc. carries the lubricants needed to keep businesses running.

Turbine fluids, hydraulic fluids, heavy duty motor oils, and automotive motor oils are just a few of the products Chancellor, Inc. keeps stocked in bulk.

Chancellor, Inc. is not only dedicated to providing quality materials to the customer, but Chancellor, Inc. also wants to ensure that each business is operating at its highest efficiency by offering Conoco’s Oil Analysis service. This service pinpoints internal problems in fleets or construction machinery before it costs an engine.


Tools Distribution

Chancellor, Inc. is a full-line tools distributor. Chancellor, Inc. offers great prices on special-order tools from cordless power tools to air tools and everything in between. Additionally, Chancellor, Inc. can get these tools to your business as soon as next day.

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