Electrical Supply

Electrical Contractors

Whether a large industrial and commercial contractor or a one-truck independent, Chancellor, Inc. is the best source for electrical products. Chancellor, Inc. will meet all project needs and deliver the service that will help complete projects on time.  From local inventory deliveries to expediting shipments from a factory, Chancellor, Inc. works to get the job done.


Chancellor, Inc. offers electrical solutions tailored around all manufacturing segments.  From Aviation, Chemical, Paper, Food Processing, Shipbuilding, Petrochemical and OEM’s, Chancellor, Inc. works with each customer to develop the right offering.  If there is a need, Chancellor, Inc. will find a solution.


Chancellor, Inc. serves the following institutions: schools, hospitals, adult care facilities, churches and universities.  From energy audits to cost savings, Chancellor, Inc. has the eperienced staff to bring more value for budgeted electrical spend.

Commercial Businesses

Chancellor, Inc. has the inventory and services for all commercial businesses.  Whether a developer, property manager, hospitality manager, retail business, large mall or a casino, Chancellor, Inc. has the products and the people to meet every need.  From lighting to electrical equipment, Chancellor, Inc. can provide local support.

Service and Inventory

  1. Chancellor, Inc. takes pride in the amount of local stock kept in house. Chancellor, Inc. has more inventory dollars per square foot than the industry average.
  2. Chancellor, Inc. represents thousands of manufacturers.
  3. Chancellor, Inc. has an extensive truck fleet to serve customers.


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